Mindy Lindauer-Peters

It wasn't until 2006 that Mindy first set foot into an actual yoga studio. She quickly became immersed in yoga and studied under a Master Teacher for 6 years. She started teaching in 2012, sharing her passion and love for yoga with others. Anasura inspired her teachings focusing on the breath, core work, and while still flowing..., holding poses longer and using modifications to accommodate EVERYONE in her class. Mindy guides her students to breathe, go inward, connect, create space, and deepen their practice so they feel better inside their bodies on and off the mat. She ends every class with a relaxing, peaceful, grounded Happy Ending. Let's Get Wild!

SUBSTITUTE instructors

Joliene Jensen

 Joliene started doing yoga in 2007 in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. It quickly became her favorite night of the week. She loved the time away from her busy life to focus on herself. A struggle with arthritis in her wrists forced her to expand her practice for all it's health benefits. She learned yoga can benefit everyone, every body type and every condition. Her teacher was extremely influential and lit a spark inside that directed her toward yoga teacher training. She received her teacher certificate in 2013. She likes to teach a mixture of Bikram (hot yoga) Yin and basic Hatha Yoga. She loves providing a wide range of sequences in her classes for every type of benefit a student is looking for.

Our instructors

Lisa Eriksen

Lisa loves teaching yoga. She has avidly studied yoga since her earliest classes in 1998.   Lisa studied with Don and Amba Stapleton in Costa Rica for her 200 hour teacher training certification in 2007. More recently she received an additional RYT 500 hour certification studying with Lynne Gardner of the Life Yoga in Tahoe, California which has given her teaching a broader understanding of the practice of yoga. She has taught at great basin College since 2007. Lisa brings experience from workshops taught by teachers like Judith Hanson Lasater, Donna Farhi and Charlotte Belle and many classes with Rod Stryker, Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, and Annie Carpenter. Her wealth of knowledge of the body allows her to modify poses for students working through injuries and other chronic issues. Her personal practice is what she draws from for the classes she teaches. For Lisa yoga is a way of life and encourages everyone to use yoga and meditation to bring balance, clarity and mindfulness into our world. 


Cindy deLeon

Cindy loves the natural world and through yoga feels grounded to Earth. Yoga opens the doors to many possibilities of connecting the mind and body. As an avid cyclist and runner, Cindy understands that yoga strengthens the breath and body through pranayama. As a yoga student teacher she feels she will always continue learning and growing in her practice. Cindy is a huge addition to the Wild Iris family, she has donated time, talents and yoga equipment.

Julia Wegman

Julia’s first yoga experience was with her daughter at a Mommy and Me yoga class in 2011. Instantly she fell in love with how it eased stressors in her life. She dreamed of one day traveling overseas to study her new found passion. In 2014, her aspirations came true, she travel...ed to Gili Meno, Indonesia where she studied at the school of Zuna Yoga and received her 200 Hour RYT certification. Zuna is a Sanskrit term that means “to thrive.” This resonated with Julia. She believes you shouldn’t live in survival mode, you should live life thriving. Julia thinks yoga is a gradual process that can ever evolve and grow, just as individuals do daily. Her primary focus is the breath, bringing awareness to the bodies alignment and meditation.

Sailsea Dixon

The practice of yoga has changed my life. I am a highly energetic individual and live my life in the fast lane. I am a mother of four, caring for not only my children, but my village. Somewhere along the way I got lost and disconnected from myself. I found myself drinking excessively searching for happiness in all the wrong places & actually my primary thought was I'll be happy when...... I stepped into my first yoga class about five years ago and it was like coming home to myself. At first I felt the changes in my body and then I began to notice the more profound changes in my life. Yoga encourages transformation. Taking a new shape with your body, you learn how to take a new shape with your mind. Everything about practicing yoga involves intention. Change doesn't happen overnight, but as my perception shifts my patterns change ever so slightly and my awareness heightens. As I continue to seek and to feel and follow the direction of my heart, I know yoga is my path to health and wholeness! It's a practice where I can be present and lean into this human experience! I continue to & look forward to enjoying this wild and crazy ride we call life! Sailsea received her certified 200 hour restorative yoga certificate along with a unique blend of thought inquiry coaching.

This is an all volunteer board with a mission to offer and sustain a yoga and wellness studio in Elko. The board manages all aspects of the business. All monetary collection from classes, memberships, and workshops are used to maintain the business, pay the teachers, and re-invest in Wild Iris. The Board (from left, back row) Brandolyn Thran - Secretary, Catherine Wines - Marketing & Membership Director, Jamie Metz - Vice President, Lisa Eriksen - Teacher Liaison (front row) Tracy Miller - Treasurer, Sailsea Dixon - President, and Nancy Nichols - Facilities Director.

We are a co-operative owned yoga studio, offering yoga classes, meditation & wellness in Elko. All members are on and part of a wellness journey that begins with their commitment to themselves and the community at Wild Iris. It continues with our incredible instructors, wellness specialists, healers and management board. Introduce yourself to our team below.  

Elisa Liebelt 

"I have had a personal practice for over 23 years. I was approached to teach about 5 years ago. I agreed and proceeded to acquire a level 2 instructor certification from yoga fit. I have taught in a traditional vinyasa flow style since. Around 2 years ago I began to be particularly interested in yoga therapy. I began to expand my personal practice to include yin/restorative yoga.  I was so personally benefited by this practice that I pursued that particular practice and have since been sharing yin/restorative yoga with my students as well. I believe a yoga practice can be the grounding factor in a person's life. A steady practice can bring recovery, peace, strength, and quiet to ones body and soul during all seasons."

Tracy Miller

Tracy began practicing yoga in 1999. She took her first class at Great Basin College and then continued on to study with teacher Linda Bolles in her Elko studio. Becoming a yoga instructor had been on Tracy’s bucket list since 2001. Retiring from her career in mining, afforded her the time to both get her yoga certification and begin teaching yoga. In the summer of 2017 she did both. She obtained her 200 hour certification at Inbody Yoga Academy in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She primarily studied Hatha yoga, but also was exposed to a variety of other types. Tracy believes practicing yoga adds to a person’s health and longevity by relieving stress and anxiety, and increasing strength, flexibility and balance. The primary reason she teaches yoga is that she “…loves to see how happy her students are when the class is over.” Tracy believes in the importance of giving back to the community. She is a board member on three Elko non-profit organizations. Wild Iris feels honored to have her as part of our team.

Wild Iris Yoga & Wellness TEAM                          in Elko




Wild Iris Yoga & Wellness

Cheyanne Sparks

With her son vibrantly growing in womb, Cheyanne traveled to Santa Barbara, CA in 2013 to earn her 200 hour teaching certification from the White Lotus Foundation. The roots of her practice are delved primarily from hatha foundations of Ganga White, however she enjoys gleaming from each and every instructor bringing deeper awareness into her practice. Cheyanne lives with passion, vulnerability, and perseverance. She weaves together the pursuit of breath to open creative expression in her students. She feels there is no greater gift than guiding individuals to blossom into a mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically well balanced human being. She reaches out to help those in need connecting them to finding what they desire. A soulful spirit following her passion to light the fire inside of you, to help you feel with your heart, to question, to accept, to thrive within the present moment. Requests and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Yoga for profit in a small community like Elko is a difficult and unrealistic proposition. That's why a group of local yogis got together in early 2016 to form Wild Iris Yoga & Wellness. We are cooperatively owned and are always looking for new members. Membership is typically through monetary means but if you need to make other arrangements to contribute to the success of our studio please contact us. We are here to support and sustain a healthy, holistic lifestyle, for all our members, we would love for you to join our family.


A Co-op Yoga and Wellness Studio in Elko, Nevada