We are happy to offer a list of holistic based businesses and healers in our community that provide a wide range of health and wellness products and services. Please let these wellness specialists know that you found them at Wild Iris. If you would like to advertise your wellness business on this site please email us or give us a call.


REV. JOANNA MILLER SIDWELL  phone 775-622-7384

Trans-denominational Minister - Reiki Master - Life Coach

Joanna owns and operates a Reiki Studio and life path coaching center  in Elko. She uses different healing modalities depending on a clients specific needs.  Including aromatherapy, oracle card reading, numerology, EFT, meditation and chakra alignment and sound therapy.



phone  775-721-2848

​Magnet therapy is neither magic, nor medicine, it is a wholly natural event that allows cells in the body to exist at their best and highest levels. Magnet therapy increases circulation energy and vitality and helps heel allergies, asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, carpel tunnel, colitis, fibromyalgia, insomnia, poor circulation and many other ailments. 

PINK PORCUPINE - Bath & Body Shoppe

1900 Idaho Street #104 - Plaza 40  - Elko, Nevada



Offering clean ingredient, non-toxic cosmetics, skin, hair and body care and more for a more healthy, beautiful you.

DR SARAH SUE MYERS ND Journey Home Healing

www.JourneyHomeHealing.com - phone  206-607-8555

​Dr. Sarah Sue is a naturopathic doctor, healer, teacher & educator, holistic health guide and health care advocate.  While she lives in Seattle area, she offers her services to the Elko community via phone & "virtual office" visits, as well as quarterly visits to Elko.  While in Elko, she practices out of the healing space of Tru Roots Massage and teaches local classes to the Elko community on all things healing. 

JAMIE METZSuccess and Relationship Coach

401 Railroad Street  - Elko, Nevada


Jamie specializes in coaching women in aspects of their professional and personal lives with impressive, positive results.


ALEECE O'BREIN Foot Zoning, Marma Therapy, Pranic Healing & Shirdhara

1900 Idaho Street - inside TruRoots - Elko, Nevada - 775-275-0322

Marma Therapy uses 107 energy points to restore proper flow and enhance the bodies natural ability to heal. Foot Zoning observes the foot and interprets "messages" conveyed about certain tissues or organs, discomfort tells us where healing is needed.  Pranic Healing is an energy healing system that uses prana energy to contribute to a positive flow of our personal energy field. Shirodhara impacts the nervous system it helps calm, relax and cleanse the mind and nerves.


Wild Iris Yoga & Wellness

A Co-op Yoga and Wellness Studio in Elko, Nevada